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The bee careful initiative promotes targeted measures to protect bee health and consequently fruit diversity. Every day on this online platform, we gather the latest information about bees and their health that is available in the United Kingdom on the Internet. (All visitors are warmly invited to actively contribute to this online platform.)

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Bee Careful UK is currently supporting a new UK-wide Bee Association campaign commencing 2016 via Bee careful and the Hobos E-learning platform. In order to specifically promote organic beekeeping with HOBOSphere, a spherically shaped bee hive that allows bee keeping ‘close to nature’, will be installed. The HOBOShperes will be used to promote bee awareness within local schools and allow comparison of bee health versus traditional hives.

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eggs per day can be layed by a queen bee

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times a second a bee beats its wings

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years is the maximum length of a queen´s life

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bees can live in a single beehive