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Hero Spain: ‘Save the bees’ honey

Hero Spain: ‘Save the bees’ honey to increase country-wide awareness

Spanish team launches project to help protect bee health

Hero Benelux has engaged in three projects to help the bee population and spread awareness on bee health.
Together with the Municipality of Breda, where Hero Benelux is located, the company sowed ribbons of flowers in the corporate Hero colors in three locations throughout the city.
“The flower bulbs will bloom each spring and early summer for the coming five years,” Fabian Griens, a member of the Hero Benelux bee careful team, said. “It will help increase local biodiversity for all pollinators – including and especially bees.”
Additionally, Hero Benelux has funded a bee education center in a petting zoo and nature reserve in Breda. In this building, local beekeepers have several hives on display. This project mainly focuses on highlighting the importance of bees and other pollinators within our daily lives among children and their parents.
“It is important to spread general awareness so the next generation knows about bees and the significant part they play in our environment,” Griens explained. “We are currently working together with the Municipality of Breda and the beekeeper association to build even more educational tools.”
The efforts that have been undertaken at Hero Benelux are not only external, but also internal. “Two colleagues are following training given by the local beekeepers association to become beekeepers themselves,” Griens said. “The aim is to increase awareness within the office as well.”
Griens himself set an example and has recently completed his beekeeper training.
“We want to provide correct first-hand information on our website, but hopefully also in schools in the future,” he added.
These projects are part of the Hero Group bee careful initiative, which includes Hero Benelux.
The purpose of this wider initiative includes protecting bee health and boosting bee populations, and to support beekeepers.

About Hero Spain
Hero Spain has been located in Alcantarilla, Murcia, since 1922. The food company produces a wide variety of products there, and boasts the well-known brand Hero Baby in its portfolio. The Spanish company develops important scientific programs in collaboration with research centers to meet consumers’ needs.